The Tailors X TUC

June 22, 2022

A great moment... The Tailors, together with TUC, were allowed to hand over an amount of no less than €11,700 euros to the Dikke Mik Foundation.

In May, as Tailors, we organized the Case Days together with Tilburg University Cantus Foundation: students who spend an afternoon smashing their brains on a case from the business world at a cantus table in iconic places in Tilburg. In exchange for that value, the participating companies paid a fee, which goes entirely to Dikke Mik. A foundation that ensures that primary school children in Tilburg do not have to go to school hungry and thus have a good start in their learning career, because that is not something that is taken for granted by everyone.

In other words: today's talents provide tomorrow's talents!

All in all, this has led to a fantastic amount with which 11,700 breakfasts can be financed. Our thanks go to Villa Pardoes, Bureau Nexus, De Mandemakers Groep, Theaters Tilburg, VDT Advocaten, the students, the locations for hosting the brainstorm, and Tilburg University for providing the opening lunch. Last but not least the TUC Board, because nowadays the TUC is so much more than just a cantus!

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